Seed The South Startups


Meet the Charlotte startups of Seed the South. To learn more about each startup, click the logos to visit their websites.

 Rabbu enables property investors to generate higher returns on their investment portfolio through our management services or proprietary guest experience tech platform in the short-term rental marketplace (think Airbnb). Visit Rabbu’s website.

Vishion is the first color-focused mobile app making product search and decor planning easier for design professionals and homeowners. Focusing on color innovation, Vishion works with retailers to connect users to products that match their designs

Botsplash is Live and Automated omni-channel conversation platform, focused to increase Agent and Consumer engagement across digital platforms. Improve conversion rate with conversations and access all conversations at one place for compliance and regulator purpose.

Being able to turn physical material into digital content opens many doors but we stick to two verticals. Lead generation and enhancing experiences. Our software turns physical into digital in less than 60 seconds while providing actionable data.

Cloosiv is an order-ahead app for specialty coffee shops, designed to improve the ability for local merchants to compete with chain brands, and to nurture consumer loyalty at an affordable price

Through real-time visit updates and our expertly trained team of pet care professionals, Skipper creates a fully quality-controlled, on-demand pet care experience. As the emerging leader of tech-enabled dog walking services and on-site apartment pet care operations.

The only travel platform built for sports teams & university administrators that consolidates rates from top travel sites and gives up to 7% cash back – no contracts, no fees.



JouleScout reduces wholesale transmission and demand costs for electricity providers via a tech-enabled platform powered by behavioral economics that incentivizes their customers to shift energy use at key times without sacrificing comfort.



PodKeeper provides group communication software that improves parent engagement at elementary schools. We’ve cracked the code on how teachers and parents want to communicate. Woman Co-Founder. HQ in Charlotte. Member of StartEd incubator in NYC.



Xchange Post is an online platform and mobile app that allows users to rent tools, equipment and much more from other users. Xchange Post is a great way to save money or make some cash though renting unused equipment.

Leaf Burrito® helps to solve a crisis with single-use plastic film bags unnecessarily going into landfills and oceans. Our goal is to create a “burrito factory” in uptown Charlotte where we can scale and ultimately use our own Charlotte plastic waste to create the parts for our product.

  At Thoughtpost, we have created the only platform for conversational agents, or chatbots, designed to replace mobile apps. With our subscription plan, you can build and launch an agent with no coding, no upfront costs, and no headaches.

Queen City Farms is an indoor farming company dedicated to solving food security problems in Charlotte and the surrounding region. We used advanced hydroponic technology and LED lighting systems to grow the freshest possible food, all year round. 

Curu is an app that automates credit building, helping people build or rebuild their credit scores. You link your bank accounts to your profile and then the app uses machine learning to look for opportunities to improve your credit score.

Driven by the belief that all business is personal, Jam is a platform that facilitates greater human connection in the workplace. Jam integrates into a company’s calendar system and intelligently schedules face-face interactions between employees.

Freeman Capital provides wealth equality through active wealth management, education, and community to overlooked investors by lowering the barriers to entry and giving access to a form of investing historically reserved for only the ultrawealthy.

Honeyfi is the first platform to help couples manage everyday finances and save for their biggest life goals together. We are live in both app stores with over 20,000 users and have been featured by Apple, Time, and Forbes.

MAZE is an app based, mobile nail & hair servicing platform connecting clients with local, talented professionals. Our team is committed to changing the way the beauty industry does business by eliminating salon based boundaries for beauty professionals and clients.

Millions of people don’t have a solution to listen to music on the water. We created a patented impact vest with waterproof speakers. Our patent covers garments with integrated speakers and we have identified 10 other verticals beyond watersports.

BX is a power bank rental company. We provide sleek portable batteries that users can rent from our kiosks through our mobile app. Users can locate available batteries, then rent them. Once finished, our users can return it to whichever location is more convenient within our sharing community.