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Startups and #MeToo

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Our panelists are going to bring to us relevant and frequently discussed topics about Startups and #MeToo, from the perspective of Founders and Investors. Our goal is to find how we, as a collective, can improve our ecosystem and cultivate an environment to support new founders and investors.



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Lisa, Chris.E, Chris.L, Jesse

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Lisa Ganderson

Founder & CEO of The Wed Clique

Lisa is the founder & CEO of The Wed Clique (Techstars ’17), the fastest growing digital showroom for wedding-related services. Prior to launching The Wed Clique, she sat on the other side of the table as a venture investor with Black Coral Capital and GE Ventures. Lisa began her career as an equity trader at Lehman Brothers, and has been recognized for her investment work as a Forbes 30 under 30.

Chris Elmore

CoFounder, Company Evangelist if AvidXchange

Chris Elmore has written 8 books, countless articles, and is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UNC – Charlotte and Queens University of Charlotte. Chris is also the Entrepreneur In Residents for the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. Chris serves on the board of four startups and travels the country speaking on the topics of startup success, innovation, entrepreneurship, sales, technology, blockchain and automation. Chris started AvidXchange in 2000. AvidXchange, a business unicorn with a $1.4 billion value and is the 9th largest fintech company in the country with 1200+ employee. You can learn more about Chris Elmore’s books, presentations and can read his blog at www.thechriselmore.com

Christopher Langford

Managing Director, Lowes Ventures

Chris is the Managing Director of Lowe's Ventures and is primarily responsible for sourcing, execution and portfolio management. Prior to Lowe’s Ventures, he was involved in investment banking, private equity, corporate strategy and innovation. He holds an M.B.A. and a B.S. from the University of Florida.

Jessie Dennen

Product Founder/Executive Partner & Muse

Partnering with early stage founders and executive teams tasked to define and build their product, go to market and operational strategy, and Board and Advisory teams. Jessie has partnered with early stage Founders to identify the highest potential for product success and the early investors that can assist. While Partnered with Founders at InterVista (aq Platinum Technologies), AltaVista (aq Yahoo), Napster, Xtime (aq Cox Automotive), Cloudmark (aq Proofpoint), Climate Corp (aq Monsanto), FusionIO (IPO), B Trading (aq CBOE), the early stage teams had not yet started products or companies. Currently with PCI Pal, a cloud based payment security product; Jessie landed as Consultant 0 tasked by the Advisory, Board, and Executive teams in the UK to launch PCI Pal US here in Charlotte. PCI PAL currently has 9 employees in the US, with requirements to hire an additional 40 in in the next 18-24 months.

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