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Startup Marketing Strategies

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Our panelists today are going to discuss about Marketing Strategies they adopted and executed to grow their business. Every startup and business need the right marketing both print and digital for gaining visibility and relevance. Hear the experienced panelists share insights on what worked and why.



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Christy, Bill, Garrett, Roy

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Christy Harner

CMO and Innovation Strategist

Christy Harner is a tech entrepreneur who has co-founded multiple companies including NexTable (sold to Zomato in 2015) and Binary Ventures (a digital design and app development agency). She is began her career as a brand creator and filmmaker, helping companies develop their marketing strategy, pitch and raise investor funds, design their digital brands, and create user-friendly mobile applications. She is currently a fractional CMO for hire, working with a handful of tech startups around the country as their founding Chief Marketing Officer. During the past 12 years, she has helped over 100 tech, social and e-commerce startups raise funds (totaling over $100 Million), and launch their brands successfully. She has seen the good, the bad and the total disasters, and believes that with enough passion, humility, pivoting and perseverance, any entrepreneur can be successful. Christy is also studying for her MBA at Queens University.

Bill DAlessandro

CEO at Elements Brands

Bill D'Alessandro is the founder and CEO of Elements Brands, a rapidly growing CPG holding company based in Charlotte, NC. Since founding Elements Brands, Bill has scaled the company to 9 brands, over 200 products, and 21 employees. Prior to Elements Brands, Bill founded and exited two SaaS companies, and began his career in investment banking. Bill is a native of Charlotte, NC and studied Business, Computer Science, and Entrepreneurship at Wake Forest University.<br />

Garrett Tichy

Owner of Hygge Coworking

Garrett Tichy is the Founder and Owner of Hygge Coworking. A strong advocate for Charlotte, Tichy is well-known for his natural ability to build diverse and inclusive communities of professionals – both online and in-person – who appreciate and thrive on the power of connection to elevate an initiative, a workplace and a city.<br />Originally from New York, Tichy lives in the Charlotte area with his wife, Jennie, and daughter, Olivia.

Roy Morejon

President, Enventys Partners

Roy Morejon is the President and Co-Founder of Enventys Partners, a vertically-integrated product development, crowdfunding and digital marketing agency. The award-winning turn-key firm combines product development and marketing services, helping entrepreneurs and enterprise companies bring innovative products and ideas to market quickly. </p><p>Frequently featured on CNN, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Fast Company, he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs raise more than $160 million dollars using reward-based and equity crowdfunding while advising dozens of global startups on their digital marketing growth strategies.

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